9 thoughts on “You park like an a-hole

  1. My question is, how are we going to print it in time for said a-hole. I don't have a laptop printer, so it kind of makes that hard.

  2. Ah, easy answer: print up ten of them right now and stick them in your glovebox. If you see an a-hole parker and you happen to have your camera with you, then pull a copy out of your glovebox, snap a pic, check the box, slip it under and dash away. :-)

  3. People who park like that care way too much about their cars. In fact, material possessions should not be considered so important. People who do park like that, often get their precious cars KEYED. So the Tao is kept in balance. Ohmmmmm…..

  4. I prefer the ol' banana in the tailpipe or the always funny JB Welded Whistle tip. This should also be used to get those people on your block that always have the same "spot". Assholes.

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