What a Turkey

I hope this woman stays in the public eye. She's endlessly entertaining.

In this video, check out what's happening in the background:

Yep, that's right, those are turkeys being killed for Thanksgiving!   Yay Sarah!

Murder! Murder most fowl!  eh.. sorry.

She gets additional credit for appearing on an artisan farm, where the birds are raised outside and done in by hand (factory farms, as opposed to the artisan farm shown in the video, are a holocaust of ugliness, horror, pain and death, but for turkeys). All kidding aside, the farm shown in this video is the very model for how turkeys should be raised for food.

H/T John Cole for the video.

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One thought on “What a Turkey

  1. the most interesting thing about this video is how totally unself-conscious she is about what's happening behind her, though she has to know.

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