Turkey Sucks

Matthew Yglesias makes the case against turkey, and he's not even a commie pinko vegetarian! His argument is based on the fact that turkey doesn't even taste good.

I see all manner of foodies wracking their brains for ways to make turkey taste good. By which they mean "tolerable." But the problem lies not with your recipe or with your technique — it’s built into the birds. As everyone knows, commercial tomatoes have been bred to (a) look very red and (b) hold up well during shipping. Consequently, commercial tomatoes are very red and can be shipped long-distance. But no matter what you do with them, they don’t taste very good compared to seasonal tomatoes that have been bred for taste. Similarly, turkey breeders aren’t trying to breed a tasty bird. They’re trying to breed a big bird and counting on the false god of "tradition" to force you to buy their crap. And when you breed something for size rather than flavor, you get a big, not-very-tasty animal. Resist!

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One thought on “Turkey Sucks

  1. I agree. A whole roast turkey isn't very good. Turkey is good cut up and stewed. Delicious! It isn't very fatty like a chicken for a roast.

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