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Good Manners at Cafe Flore

Good Manners at Cafe Floré Me and HP and Erin at Cafe Flore in the Castro. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Haight Street Viking Lady

(watch her feet) Haight Street Viking Lady Read and post comments | Send to a friend

I cannot freakin' believe I did not go to this

Zombies in Union Square I cannot freakin' believe I did not go to this. I knew about it. I was lying on the bed and HP and we were like, Should we go? No, I'm tired. Me too. But… zombies! it's gonna be cool!No, it's gonna be stupid. But you like zombies too!It's probably renaissance […]

Saturday afternoon zombie attack

San Francisco Zombie A friend sent me this and it is absolutely legit: So, check out http://www.eatbrains.com/  for all the oozing, coagulating details. You have to admit, this sounds pretty fucking hilarious: The details: Saturday, Aug 19th, zombies will be storming the corner of Market and Sansome at 2:30. We will then walk/limp/crawl to Powell […]

Pinky, by popular demand

I have been asked to post all three Pinky content together. Here they are. Pinky Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Haight Street Tibetan Dress

I saw this lady by my house. I told her I liked her dress and asked her if it was a type of kimono.  She said it is a traditional Tibetan dress.  So, is this what you see in the shops in Tibet? Haight Street Lady, Tibetan Dress Read and post comments | Send to […]

Pinky, Part III

This is the third (and final) Pinky video. In this video we learn that Pinky has a restraining order filed against her by Kevin's fiancee and that the local fuzz are well aware of the order. This came up when we spotted a black and white flipping a u-turn on Great Highway back towards the […]

Pinky, Part 2

(Pinky part one here) Here, Pinky discusses Kevin's (Costner) feelings* for her, how Kevin told her he keeps track of her and if he breaks up with Christine then he will be able to find Pinky to get back together. Also, Pinky confesses worry for how Kevin has gained weight due to Christine's unhappy influence […]

Haight Street Parking Argument

I was on my morning walk with HP and this happened right in front of us, right outside Amoeba Records.   Haight Street Parking Argument NOTE: in case it ain't clear, the cracker is saving a parking space for his hobo friend who is almost there (probably for their live-in van); this black dude wants […]

Pinky the Clown (part 1)

My friend Patrick, my S.O. Alex and I were walking down at the beach when we were approached by a clown, Pinky, who joined us on our walk. She told us many interesting tales. She is secretly carrying on an affair with Kevin Costner*. In this video, Pinky discusses a party she attended. Also in […]