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Faces of meth

Tweaker before and after pictures. See the whole set. Meth is bad. It's the worst drug out there.  Don't even try it once. I'm against the "War on Drugs." I think it's responsible for some of the worst grievances our government has perpetrated on its people, from which it ostensibly derives its power. Prohibition didn't […]

Burning Man: Our Review

Please note: This is a cross post.  The original is HERE. if you are not on VOX but still want to comment, please go here.  —————————————————————————– On the long drive back from Burning Man, my friend Patrick and I discussed our week on the playa and about our many experiences. We had a lot of […]

Something wicked this way comes?

Carpe Noctem I was late getting up for work this morning. I didn't have time to make breakfast so I ate the leftover Chinese takeout from last night.  There was a fortune cookie. I shrugged, said to myself why not?  and ate the cookie. The fortune said Remember: every day begins in darkness. Do not […]

Stuff with you

12 Stuff With You This naughty delight is offered up by Megan and Chris of LavaToad.  Go buy their CD. It's naughty, funny music that makes you think. Read and post comments | Send to a friend