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Getting ready for the Burn

Every time I speak about our forthcoming sojourn to Black Rock City, I have to scan what I'm about to say for Burning Man clichés.   "The Burn" "Burners" and all that other overused, tired, hippie shit. I don't want to sound like some damn dirty hippie.  Or one of those "free-love" people who want to share everything. Those people usually don't have any stuff to share.  What they mean is they want to share your stuff.  Yeah, great.  Go get a job, hippie.

HP and I just returned from the Panhandle where we were assessing our tent situation. I feared it was going to be rather dire, but it looks like we have four very nice, fairly new, sturdy tents of varrying sizes, plus one extra sleeping bag which we will bring in case someone needs one. 

It was nice getting that all squared away. It was just a mystery pile of dusty, dirty nylon that will soon be our shelter in the high desert for seven glorious, fun filled days <rolls eyes>. 

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