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On VOX and blogging

I was reading Miss Karen's blog entry, if a post falls in the blogosphere and no one comments…. and it got me thinking about why I blog in the first place.

Whenever I get a free moment I go exploring around Vox. I see a lot of first posts and some writings that sound a little bewildered. What am I doing here? Gee it’s pretty. Do I really need another blog? What am I supposed to do? And it touches my heart when I see these calls go unanswered.

To which I answered in the comments:

I love it when people comment on my posts. Though I usually only get one or two comments to each post, that's proof positive that people read what I write. 

Why do I want the feed back (I wonder to myself)?  Perhaps it's an ego/validation thing.  I dunno. It's true that comments give me fuel to continue and motivation to not let my blog gather dust.

Ego, validation, the need for attention… whatever it is, I don't blog for the kudos. I started blogging because I have friends and family who live far away and it seemed like a more passive way of sharing what I was doing on any any particular day—as opposed to emailing said group my daily activities, every day, which seems invasive and presumptuous (who wants to get an email where I blather on about the afternoon with my S.O. eating bacon cheese burgers?).  I live in San Francisco where there is always something nutty going on, and I want to share it with my friends who live elsewhere

…and blogging seems like the best way to do it.  As Karen said in the comments (yay! comments!) "Blogs are patient and there when you're ready."

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