Interior Green Belt, Secret Forest of San Francisco

There's this forest a short walk up Stanyon from my house (the green spot left of the arrow). It's almost completely locked up by houses on all sides. It's mysterious name, Interior Green Belt, doesn't tell me anything about it.  There's only one access point that we could find. We were warned by a neighbor not to enter this forest, within which it is apparently very easy to get lost. So we went in (of course) but only a short ways.  It was overgrown and chaotic and green and gorgeous and I've never seen any place like it in the city limits. I took this cool video which doesn't convey much of the experience of standing in it, but I hope you like it anyways.

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2 thoughts on “Interior Green Belt, Secret Forest of San Francisco

  1. Wow. How cool to have that right in the middle of the city. I wonder if there's wildlife in there? Deer and cougars follow greenbelts far into cities, and usually get into trouble there.

  2. Where did you enter exactly? I wouldn't be that worried about getting lost in a 20 acre area, though you might get poison ivy.That picture reminds me a lot of the area near Mt. Davidson. Have you ever been up there?

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