Monthly Archives: June 2008

Rotten Eggs and Hate

I was just in the kitchen cooking myself a little breakfast while listening to NPR Morning Addition. I heard a story about this bitch Ann Barnett who won't perform ANY marriages so that she doesn't have to perform any GAY marriages.  (Freaking Bakersfield. I am SO glad I don't live there.  Man, some people in this world just SUCK.)

I had a lovely sausage in a frying pan nearly done. I cracked an egg into the other side of the pan. What came out of the egg was cloudy and chunky and stank of ammonia. It got all over the sausage and with the heat the smell filled the kitchen very quickly. The whole thing sickened me so much I haven't been able to go back into the kitchen.

Rotten eggs and hate. Yeah, good morning to you too.

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