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Rotten Eggs and Hate

I was just in the kitchen cooking myself a little breakfast while listening to NPR Morning Addition. I heard a story about this bitch Ann Barnett who won't perform ANY marriages so that she doesn't have to perform any GAY marriages.  (Freaking Bakersfield. I am SO glad I don't live there.  Man, some people in […]


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How's your marriage holding up?

Lyonmartin These lesbians have been married now for 30 hours now. How is your heterosexual marriage holding up against this assault on the institution? Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Church Sign

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Chatting about Gay Marriage

I sent my coworker an article from teh LA Times about the California Supreme Court decision denying the Campaign for California Families request of a stay of the decision, pending the outcome of the November election.  The (short) decision came down a short time ago. Here's a sample of a conversation around the virtual water […]