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Total Indulgence

Me and HP discovered this sushi joint called AI Heart Sushi (map, reviews). It's at on Geary in the Richmond. This in the picture is a Minnie Mouse roll. It's eight salmon rolls on their side covered with big hunks of salmon and cream cheese, all covered with this sweet spicy brown sauce and baked in an abalone shell on some foil. It's one of the most delicious things I've eaten in San Francisco.

One very important point: If you go, you MUST go when the chef that looks like Elvis is working. He is the one that makes this dish so great. We went there on a Sunday and it was this old guy and it wasn't half as good as the Elvis dude.
(BTW, the <3 is a heart)

Chef ElvisI <3 Sushi

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My very first video project (1996)

I found this on my computer the other day. It's the first video project I ever did. It was for an Adobe Premiere class I took at UCSD. The assignment was to take some pictures from your life and tell a story. As a result, we got a couple "The story of my wedding" videos (both of them set, predictably, to sappy music), a "scenes from my bachelor party" video with lots of limo and drinking pictures (yawn) and about ten or so other videos that were so forgetable I've forgotten.  And then there was mine.

When the teacher announced the assignment, my first (and I think perhaps only) question was whether the story we told with the pictures had to be true, or if it could be partially or totally fictional. He said it could be fiction or real to whatever degree we wished.

I sat down with my friend Patrick (the Ticket Assassin, FYI) and we sketched out an idea. Patrick did the voice over, my friend Joe Phillips drew some cartoons of me (like the one you see below), and I put it all together with pictures from my past, a couple drawings, and a couple polaroids I needed to fill in the blanks.

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QotD: Shaken not stirred: the Greyhound

Favorite drink: Greyhound. Two ingredients: top shelf vodka and freshly squeezed yellow grapefruit juice*. 

*– And by "freshly squeezed" I don't mean a carton which says "freshly squeezed" I mean you just squeezed the bitchez not even ten minutes ago.  It takes two grapefruits to make one good greyhound—and DON'T use pink grapefruits. They gotta be yellow or the drink is going to be too sweet and that fucks with the taste of the vodka. 

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Bacon Blue Cheese Ultimate Hamburger

It's been a slow posting week (in terms of personal content). Me and Honey Pie haven't gone out very much because of the heat. Wednesday we just stayed home and ate bacon / blue cheese burgers we cooked on our little gas grill on the porch. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. (recipe below) and then we watched a couple Samurai Champloo episodes and a corny Star Trek episode and then fell asleep with the windows open and the fan on.  And that's kinda been it. boring week 'cause of the heat.

Aaaanyways, go to Trader Joes and get an Ultimate Burger. Best burger ever.  If they're out, here's how to make them. 

Cook up a pound of bacon.  It should cook down to about a cup.  Chop it up into uneven pieces.  SAVE THE BACON GREASE.

Get some lean hamburger, about a pound and a half. Dump the bacon and a couple tablespoons of bacon grease onto the meat and mush it up with your hands.  MMMMMMMM,  Divide the meat into 8 even balls (I laid them out on my plastic cutting board). Flatten the bitches down with your hand (not too flat, as big around as a coffee mug bottom, maybe a little bigger).  Put a heaping table spoon of Blue de Basque (the best blue cheese on the planet IMHO) which I bought at San Francisco's Say Cheese near my house. If you don't have a cheese shop near by, then get the strongest blue cheese you can find in your crappy grocery store.  Take a heaping table spoon of blue cheese and plop it down on one of the little meat disks. Take another meat disk and put it right on top of the one with the cheese and mush down the edges like you are sealing filling inside a ravioli.   Put it on a gas grill, five minutes per side should do it.  (for extra indulgence, put some sharp cheddar on the burger a couple minutes before you pull it off the grill). 

Now, I wouldn't eat these every day if I were you. HP and I eat them only once a month or so.  

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