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NationBuilder Consultant ★ User Experience Designer ★ 15+ Years in Web Development. I live in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco but I’m not a hippie. I play WoW and Starcraft when all my homework and chores are done. I’m legally married to a dude. I’m a genius but I do dumb and self-destructive things to relax.

Twitter panel API v1.0 and API v1.1 – Time to ditch the twitter panel

Twitter killed the API v1 twitter-panel script about eight weeks ago. The decision was about as popular as one might expect. This is the script I used on almost every single client’s site. I used it because it was awesome. With the API v1.0 script, I could style every single element of the panel. I […]

What today’s evangelicals are telling gay people

What today’s evangelicals are telling gay people: Today the Christian argument against gay people is typically … well, this, taken from an email recently sent me: Would you support a serial adulterer who leaves his wife, but is just attracted to other women, because that’s who he is and how he was born?  How about […]

Art’s Guide to Cooking Tacos

Alex and I had tacos at Art and Betty’s house a few months ago. They were cooked perfectly. And his process seemed so much easier than the one I had grown up with. I bugged Betty for instructions and here’s what she sent. Thanks Betty and Art!    

shiitake lasagna

This was before it went into the oven. Here’s the basic recipe, with these variations: I put a sprig of rosemary in milk while the milk is heating up but remove it before adding the milk to the flour Instead of 4 cups milk, I used 1c half-and-half and 3c milk. To the sauce, […]

NationBuilder and Facebook – best practices

There’s been a recent revelation that Facebook has been throttling down the online presence of Facebook Pages (pages by organizations, businesses, celebrities, etc. that Facebook users can “Like”) and crimping the ability of owners of those pages to reach their respective fans: Spring of 2012 was when bloggers, non-profits, indie bands, George Takei, community theaters, photographers, caterers, artists, […]

Mind blowing

Boy Scouts of America Lawsuit – A Brief History (from my perspective)

A friend wrote to me: “I wanted to ask you from a LGBT point of view why it seems important to try and change the Boy Scouts policies when they obviously are so against it versus Those leaving the Boy Scouts of America and boycotting it for these reasons and making a new organization? I basically […]

Clinton Warren 2016

Here’s my idea for what the Hillary Clinton – Elizabeth Warren 2016 campaign poster could look like. I think I need a better photo of Hillary, but this will do for now.

Add the “Who owns your politician?” widget to your website

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Tim’s voting guide

By popular request, here’s my voting recommendations for those of you who haven’t already early voted.   San Francisco Bay Guardian Harvey Milk Democratic Club Democratic Party Tim Wayne Prop 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes Prop 30 31 No – No No 31 32 No, No, No No No No 32 33 No No No […]